Kristy Ham, Associate Editor

Kristy is an Associate Editor at Women’s Journal who loves to cover beauty, wellness and the kind of fitness that’s so fun you forget you’re working out. Before she joined our team, she was a writer at TheFresh.com. She lives in Yuba City, CA, and her current goals include owning a custom wheel barrow company and having a cat that can do tricks. She only wears bright red lipstick.

Leah Poperski, Associate Editor

Leah is an Associate Editor at Women’s Journal. She covers makeup, relashionships, and more. She has been published at MAD Magazine, Reductress,  Huffington Post, Lifehack, and elsewhere. She lives in San Francisco with her cat, like all writers. She only wears unerwear sometimes and never wears a bra to work.

Julie Jefferson, Associate Editor

Julie is an Associate Editor for Women’s Journal where she covers all things beauty, health and fitness. An exercise enthusiast, skin care fanatic, and lipstick lover, she previously was an intern in the Beauty Department of Fitness Magazine, and an Editorial intern at Self Magazine.

Rachel Zundle, Staff Writer

Rachel  is an award-winning freelance health and beauty writer and editor. She writes regularly for The New York Times and has written for Women’s Health, Yahoo Health, Everyday Health, the New York Post, Crimcon, and many more publications. Rachel has held Health Editor positions at YouBeauty.com and Cosmopolitan magazine. She earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism at Brigham Young University and her master’s degree in journalism at Arizona State. She lives in northern California with her husband and her twin dogs.

Rebekka Sando, Editorial Assistant

Rebekka is an Editorial Assistant at Women’s Journal who worships fitness, adores beauty and relishes in wellness. Her journey in the editorial world began at Shape Magazine as an Editorial Assistant before starting a new chapter with our team. She believes that every woman has glitter coursing through her veins and magic in her eyes.

Rossi Miller, Digital Designer

Rossi always hopes to connect audiences to great content. Her main inspiration are the beautiful colors of her culture: her Mexican native roots. When Rossi is not at Women’s Journal, she is learning about her ancestors and amazed at the beautiful design patterns they produced.